Why should you become a member of FSTI?

Becoming a member of Facial Therapy Specialists International will enable you to liaise with other therapists working in the highly specialist field of facial palsy.

When you become a member you gain access to:

Members only downloads and information including patient resources and assessment tools

FTS International newsletters

Discounted specialist courses

Advanced practice webinars

Our exclusive members network list – where you can opt to be included and other clinicians can contact you to refer patients or set up local peer support networks

A closed Facebook group for networking, international peer support and patient advice*

Reference list of key journals and texts

Useful weblinks to other charities and professional sites

Our annual general meeting and opportunities to volunteer for committee roles

Conferences; including live treatment demos, guest speakers and opportunities to discuss complex cases with a panel of experts

We hope to further the field of facial palsy through collaboration across the UK and hope that you will join us as a member of Facial Therapy Specialists International.

Please fill in the form below to apply for membership. Membership is £27.00 per year and is paid via an annual subscription payable on application and annually on 1st April.

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Data Protection:

In line with the new data protection regulations that come into force in 2018 we are now asking you to opt in to the below questions. If you do not opt in we will not be able to keep you updated however there is no obligation to opt in. If you change your mind at any time please let us know and we will remove your information. Data is only held in password protected files and these are only accessible by essential FTS International committee members and will never be passed on to anyone outside of FTS International without your prior consent e.g. to share your information so as a patient can be referred to you.

I am happy for FTS International to store and use my information to update me on forthcoming courses and conferences*

I am happy for FTS International to store and use my information to update me on developments within the field of facial palsy and contact me about participating in relevant research*

I am happy for FTS International to store and use my information to send me FTS International newsletters*

I am happy for FTS International to include my information in the members only section of the website as part of the member’s network aiming to link therapists to allow for networking, peer support and collaborative working*

I am happy for FTS International to share my information with third parties e.g. patients, charities such as Facial Palsy UK, healthcare professionals for the purposes of assisting patients to gain access to facial therapists*